ONE LESS CONDO FIRE is a family-owned and operated business devoted to raising awareness of the little-known danger present in every dryer system!  We're dedicated to reducing or eliminating that threat, one condo at a time.

Our promise to you is to provide professional, courteous service and safe, effective removal and disposal of your dryer lint.

Dryer vents are designed to exhaust the heat from your dryer plus they remove the highly flamable lint particulates from your home. However, they easily get clogged as time goes on, becoming traps that hold more and more dryer lint. This choking off of the air passage for dryer heat to escape results in tens of thousands of dryer fires annually.

55% of deaths in high-rise fires are from condos/apartments.

Our specially designed tools allow us to remove the lint from the entire length of the vent lines safely and effectively. So contact us BEFORE a costly fire starts in your condo.