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Become a survivalist! Clean your dryer vent annually. Or let us help you!
Either way our goal is to have ONE LESS CONDO FIRE this year!

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Safe Removal and Disposal of Dryer Lint to Prevent Potential Fires

One Less Condo Fire is dedicated to providing professional, courteous, and effective service for your dryer system. We work hard to safely remove and dispose of dryer lint from the entire length of your vent lines and your lint traps to eliminate the risk of a dryer system fire in your house or condo. Failure to clean is the No. 1 reason for dryer fires so call us now to eliminate the risk. Dryer vents exhaust heat from your dryer and also remove highly flammable lint from your home, but these vents get clogged with lint over time. Soon your vents are choked with lint build-up, preventing dryer heat from escaping and resulting in a fire. We are committed to eliminating this threat, one condo at a time!